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Creative solutions for your business.

Meet Cynthia

cynthia moneypenny - owner of moneypenny designs

My name is Cynthia and I'm the sole owner and Designer at Moneypenny Designs. I have been working as a graphic designer for 32 years, with 20 years working for different employers in the printing and marketing industry.

Business branding and logo design is my passion and specialty and with my expertise I can create what you need to achieve a successful brand. Together we can achieve your business direction by working towards a common goal of effective and highly creative business branding.

At Moneypenny Designs a chat via email, phone or messaging on social media is a great way to meet and for both of us to get to know your brand (how it is today and where you want to be tomorrow). Mostly I'll listen to your requirements,  but I will always advise and guide you on what your business needs to ensure it looks professional and stands out from your competitors. 


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